Bedroom Decoration Trends in 2022


Decorate the room according to the trends of the year and create a magnificent atmosphere


In this article you will find 8 of the bedroom decoration trends. Light tones, plants, natural materials, textures and vibrant and colorful details are some of the bedroom decor trends for the year 2022. Follow the article and discover all the suggestions to decorate or renovate your room.


8 Top bedroom decoration trends

Some of the bedroom decoration trends that guide us this year have already been used.

We know that coziness, comfort and relaxation are a trend every year. In addition to trends that repeat themselves over time, in 2022 plants, natural light, neutral tones, natural materials, ceramics and much more stand out, follow the article to discover them all.


How to use each trend in bedroom decoration, one by one:

1. Neutral colors and soft fabrics

The bedroom should be the place where you can relax and be yourself, that’s why it’s so important to have a color palette that you identify with.

Neutral and timeless tones remain undeniably on the rise. So you can add details with vibrant and bright colors that convey optimism and energy. Likewise, soft and smooth fabrics add serenity and tranquility to the room. Therefore, these two elements create a calm environment that favors rest and sleep. This is where the body and mind relax for an energetic tomorrow.

Tendências decoração quarto 2022 tecidos


2. Natural materials

We have witnessed a growing use of natural materials in decorations, which refer to ecology and sustainability. As this theme has gained importance in everyday life and in the world, users are starting to use more and more environmentally friendly products. Not just for their production characteristics, but for their versatility, timelessness and emotions they convey. Natural materials such as wood, glass and ceramics have the ability to transport us to nature, creating a warm and natural environment.

Also rope, rattan, wicker, bamboo and straw are materials that have come to have a great use in decoration, as they are also materials easily used to create DIY projects.

Although natural wood is one of the most used natural materials, wool, linen, cotton and velvet also mark the environments this year.

Tendências decoração quarto 2022 materiais naturais


3. Plants

We’ve seen before that natural environments are on the rise. And that’s why plants also become one of the fundamental pieces in decoration. In addition to making it more welcoming, some of them have the ability to improve air quality.

Tendências decoração quarto 2022 Plantas


4. Handcrafted parts

Ceramic and glass pieces have also been a great bet for the decoration of spaces, bringing texture and more personality to the environment.

The handicrafts move between geometric, linear, abstract/organic and minimalist shapes that continue to fill walls and furniture.

Tendências decoração quarto 2022 peças artesanais


5. Colorful and vibrant floral patterns

Wallpaper, rugs, bedspreads and pillows, so often used to transform a simple space into a place with more life, are bedroom decor trends using floral patterns, large and colorful, in maximalist design, contrasting and vibrant colors.

Undeniably floral patterns refer to femininity, which are often used in bedroom designs for women and girls.

Tendências decoração quarto 2022 padrões


6. Color Trend for Bedroom Decoration 2022

Every year the trends of the most used colors change, for the year 2022, the choice goes through neutral tones, as mentioned above, but also bold and warm colors.

Pink is a feminine, beautiful and delicate color that gives a good energy to the decoration of a double room, single room, guest room or girl’s room. Therefore, this color combined with cheerful and vibrant colors is able to give a boost to your energy when you wake up.

Tendências decoração quarto 2022 cor rosa


Green is one of the most chosen colors of recent times, which undeniably reminds us of nature, freshness and the outdoors. We can combine it with light tones, cheerful and citrus colors.

Tendências decoração quarto 2022 cor verde


Warm and cozy colors that combine subtlety and style in each room. Vibrant but somehow neutral colors for the decor of a cozy double bedroom.

Tendências decoração quarto 2022 cor laranja


Blue is an elegant and delicate color that conveys serenity and confidence. It reminds us of nature, the sky and the sea. A color to use on walls, pillows and small decorations while combining with white, gray and brown tones.

Tendências decoração quarto 2022 cor azul


The pantone color 2022, Very Peri is a cheerful color that intends to reflect the world changes we are going through and stimulate individual creativity. It was the first time that Pantone decided to create a root color and not use an existing color. Therefore, the very peri color is the combination of a dynamic blue hue with a bright red violet hue. This is the happiest and warmest of all shades of blue, a powerful new blend.

You can certainly use this color in pillows and decor combined with a gray tone background.

Tendências decoração quarto 2022 cor very peri


7. Comfy decoration

Upholstered beds, pillows, blankets and rugs are essential elements to make the room feel more welcoming. The textures convey a cloud-hugging feeling when you enter, so use it but don’t abuse it.

Tendências decoração quarto 2022 comfy


8. Lighting

Bedroom lighting is one of the most important elements that is sometimes left out, but in 2022 we see a growing use of XXL lamps in the shape of a sphere and mushroom, which give the bedroom decor a timeless touch, but in a more current.

Tendências decoração quarto 2022 iluminação


Following trends or not, the bedroom should be the place where you enter and feel safe.

To decorate your room, whether for a couple, a single, a girl or a boy, choose products that make you feel some kind of connection, that bring back good memories, that reflect your personality and… absolute.


Discover our collections and decorate your room according to your personality. In order to cover customer needs, we have more than 100 products and 150 fabric possibilities with textures, colors and patterns that will bring your room to life.


Author: Inês Estrela


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