5 Dangers of sleeping on an old mattress

Perigos de um colchão velho

Sleeping on an old mattress is dangerous: truth or lie?

Truth! There are a dangers of sleeping on an old mattress. Sleeping on an old mattress harms your health, well-being and also the quality of sleep.

The fact that we spend a third of our lives sleeping is an excellent indicator to understand the importance of sleep and a good mattress in our life.

Unfortunately, most of us have had sleepless nights and felt, the next morning, the consequences of this episode. The problem is when sleepless nights become an integral part of the routine, as the consequences are even more serious for health.


After all, why is an old mattress dangerous? The mattress plays a key role in the quality of sleep. That is, the mattress improves the quality of sleep, as it offers comfort and support for a good rest.


What will you find throughout this article? Firstly, we will explain the dangers of sleeping on an old mattress, secondly, the benefits of sleeping well, and thirdly, the advantages of sleeping on a new mattress.


5 Dangers of sleeping on an old mattress:

1. Muscle, neck and spine pain

The old mattress loses firmness, which can result, for example, in: muscle, neck and spine pain.


2. More likely to suffer from insomnia

The discomfort of an old mattress can cause more nighttime awakenings.


3. Greater spread of mites, mold and moisture.

This spread can result in respiratory problems and allergies.


4. Harms the immune system

Lack of sleep decreases the number and function of cells responsible for immunity, and consequently increases the likelihood of contracting infectious diseases.


5. Impacts the quality of the day

If, on the one hand, lack of sleep causes tiredness, drowsiness and lack of energy, on the other hand, well-sleep nights bring more energy, in addition, more vitality.


We are rest specialists and we know how to help you choose the best mattress for you, according to your needs, preferences and anatomy.


What are the benefits of sleeping well?


It is during sleep that the body performs its main restoration functions, such as the repair of muscle and cellular tissues. In addition, it is during sleep that the energy spent during the day is replenished and that metabolism is regulated.


Quality sleep and for the recommended time has numerous benefits for health in general, such as:


Other benefits of quality sleep are: it reduces the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems, it reduces stress and it also reduces the likelihood of suffering from road accidents.


Sleeping well is, therefore, a healthy habit that determines the quality of life.



What are the benefits of sleeping on a new mattress?

Mattresses can improve aspects such as muscle pain and allergies. Another advantage is that new mattresses help improve spine alignment and promote better sleep quality.

Obviously, associated with a new mattress, it should also be good sleep hygiene before bed, as well as a healthy and balanced diet, the practice of physical exercise, among other habits.


In conclusion, we say that the most important thing is that you understand the dangers of sleeping on an old and deformed mattress, because most likely, this will also be out of date, and as such, it presents serious risks to your health in general.


Above all, seek help from rest specialists, as health is priceless.


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